Ekundayo Azeez is a Pastor who has the core of his ministry in the area of deliverance. He believes in youths and has closely worked with them at different times.

His definite encounter, seeing Jesus face to face has caused him to continually and passionately live his life in daily pursuit of him. In addition, he has a fire that transcends his person, to those whom he meets.

In this article, he shares on the need for deliverance, what people should look out for and how to remain fire brand for God.

If Christ already died for us and gave us victory, Why do Christians need deliverance sessions?

Abraham was a covenanted man yet in his family, wives don’t conceive on time-Sarah, Rebbecca, Rachel. The men always hid behind their wives to survive. Abraham lied about Sarah, lsaac lied about Rebbecca. Also, in that family, the wives are buried by their husbands, the wives don’t live to enjoy their children.

The death of Christ gives us salvation, which is a foundation to stand in spiritual battle and also resist the devil but to undo previous attacks before salvation, deliverance may be needful for a Christian.

How Does One Know If They Should Seek Deliverance?

Beautiful. One of the ways to know if you need deliverance particularly as a Christian. Having done everything needed of you to do – you work well, you pray – and things are still not going as expected. That’s one way. Number 2, when you begin to constantly experience closed heaven despite the conscious lack of sin. Another way is when you continue to see an evil pattern – something that has happened to your father, your mother, a brother – and it keeps happening over and again to people around you and you also are seeing signals in your personal life. That might also be a flag that you need deliverance.

Also, as a Christian, when you see a character in your personality that is unholy and unruly and you have done everything in your capacity and capability to disallow such but it is not forthcoming, then you can seek the prayers of somebody else who is higher in anointing/grace than you – which is more or less like deliverance.

In addition, when you begin to have consistent revelation, dreams, hunting you. For example as a strong, vibrant believer, you keep seeing yourself eating in the dream or having forceful sexual intercourse. It is a signal that something is wrong. A battle is so close to you to the point of killing the fire in you. And there could be an open door that is allowing the prevalence of that battle in your life.

These are signals that indicate one might need to seek deliverance.

Are vigils important to attend. Do night prayers get God’s special attention?

Nicodemus came to Jesus in the night(john 3:1-7), Matt 13 said when men slept… The night time is void of human activities except devilish dealings, so it gives focus to better prayers because prayer is purely spiritual and needs to be treated with all seriousness.

Can one be totally free from demons and battles?

Yes one can be freed from demons, in fact a born again can’t be possessed. You can carry the anointing to the point of demons fleeing you. Paul was beaten by a viper in the last chapter of Acts but nothing happened to him because of the anointing. But a Christian can’t be free from battles until death, the joy therein is that ‘be of good cheer for l have overcome the world and we are even more than a conqueror’ as the scriptures says.

Coming from a Muslim background, what is that one important message you would like young Christians in this age to know?

From my own personal experience as a former muslim guy, often times, young Christians want to assume that they could experiment with worldly things without the consciousness that trying what they shouldn’t can become an endless journey to embark on. The world outside of Christianity is filled with wickedness that is not worth experimenting. If you are under grace, don’t operate outside of your covering/safety.

Also, as young Christians, who are born into Christianity, please keep the fire burning. One particular aim of the Bible is to take out the Fire of any believer. So, please keep your fire burning. Don’t go away from the gathering of fire. See Zech 3

I will also encourage Christians not to embrace religion, but to seek God. There’s so much religion in Africa, especially Nigeria. In fact, most young Christians don’t know why they have to go to church on Sunday, they just do it because they don’t want their parents to get angry or to meet with friends. Most of them are not prepared to meet Jesus. Because it doesn’t just ever dawn on them to think of Jesus and what He would ask of them.

However, in the place of definite encounter, Jesus is real, and alive. He is very much alive. He is not just the story in the Bible, there is a reality of His person. So, as much as we move our hearts, we can experience Him.


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