Before sharing a thing or two on this subject, allow me recommend some books. I’ve read some, and heard so much about others. Kenneth Hagin’s, “The Art of Prayer,” “Common Sense Guide to Fasting and Prayer,” “Tongues: Beyond The Upper Room,” and Franklin Hall’s Fasting: Atomic Power with God.

Franklin Hall’s book shaped the lives of many notable church leaders including the dear Reverend, T.L. Osborn. A dear pastor once shared that people who knew the Reverend well imbibed a culture of fasting so much so that a new born baby was subjected to a mini fast (short deprivation from food when born), just to prime the child to a lifestyle of fasting. The results of fasting in that family was inspiring.

Kenneth Hagin as he does so well, always brings a biblical balance, curbing excesses and introducing the concept of a “Fasted life” in his book, “Common sense guide to fasting and prayer.” Please read the references for more on the subject.

Kenneth Hagin’s Art of Prayer started with a table shaking myth, “God is in control.” A certain journalist had said, if God is in control of all going on in the universe; Buhari’s re-election, Ethiopian airline crash, Nigerian twitter, then God must be doing a terrible job. In the book, brother Hagin tries to explain that God is not in control, WE ARE! Whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven, whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven. The heavens, even the heavens belong to God, the earth has He given to the Children of men! Though it is a popular cliché, and widely accepted saying, many notable church leaders have corrected this view – God is not in control! For more on this, see Bill Johnson’s Way of Life, and Jonathan Welton’s New Covenant Leaders. God is not micro-managing the universe. God is in charge, He is Lord, He is involved, God is in us, but God is not in control!

What does prayer and fasting do for you?
Simply put, it is a power releasing practice with which you take control and cause changes to situations and circumstances around you. According to scriptures, you have received power when the Holy Ghost comes on you. You do not receive an inferior Holy Ghost. What seemingly limits the power you possess is the truth you know and/or are ignorant of. The basic purpose of prayer and fasting is to look at The Face of The God who loves you (how can you die when you look at the King of Life… throw that myth away), and be transformed by the revelation of how you really are – the son of Adoption. You realize you bear God’s seal and God’s ring! Your word is law. You decree a thing and it is established.

The last word Jesus heard before going on His forty day fast with Dad in the wilderness was that He was God’s son and God was pleased with him. When you go fasting, meditate (mutter the truth that you are the beloved of God and God is please with you). Find those scriptures that speak of God’s love for you. Say it to yourself while praying in other tongues. Sit quietly from time to time and let God tell you in your heart that God loves you. This practices clears the mind of every unbelief which is the major setback to a miraculous life. Andrew Wommack blessed me when He wrote in His book, “God wants you well,” that fasting is not to remove a “greater demon” but was to deal with unbelief. So as you take time to pray in the Holy Ghost, keep yourself in the Father’s love realizing, absolutely nothing is impossible to You. You Believe.

Helpful tips to praying and fasting

Prayer walking

I do this a lot, in the mornings or evenings (the cool of the day), take a walk with Father God. I usually pick a Pauline prayer (prayers made by Paul for the churches found in the intro of most epistles) and pray it over myself and loved ones. I’d say, Lord grant unto Buhari the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, let the eyes of his understanding be enlightened (Ephesians 1:17ish)… or May I be strengthened with might by God Spirit in my inside. Let Christ dwell in my heart by faith so I’ll be rooted and grounded and love and be able to comprehend with all the saints what’s the length and breadth and depth and height of the Love of God which passes knowledge. May I be filled with the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:16…). I’d take these prayers be speaking in tongues and be saying it again and again over some prayer music (Bethel’s Synesthesia comes highly recommended by me).


The college director of the MouldBreak Institute based in PH, once pointed out that after Jesus’ fasting, it is recorded that He hungred. In other words it can be deduced that He was not thirsty. So you can fast – go without food but drink water for a long period of time and you will be very healthy. Don’t kill yourself with dry fasting. Take water, but make sure to meditate on God’s word and pray. You don’t have to shout and tell your whole neighbourhood that you are praying. Think of the fasting and prayer like marathon, not a sprint – calm down.

Corporate prayers

In the build up to the elections, they said we should not pray but go and vote. We got our PVCs kept praying and we voted. After the outcome of the presidential elections, I and my friends decided to make the most of the gubernatorial elections. We got a hotel suite on Friday night, paid for two nights and prayed till Sunday morning. We took breaks, and had fluids throughout the period. But we gave ourselves to prayers and prophecies. We also played sermons and interceded for loved ones. We had “soaking music” playing in the background all through.

Meditation/seeing in the spirit

I recommend Jonathan Welton’s book, “The school of the Seers.” We all should see in the spirit. You know, we’ve been taught that “true worshippers must worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth,” means by the Holy Spirit and by the Word. A simpler explanation is that “true worshippers must worship the Father in the spirit realm.” The Samaritan asked Jesus for the true place of worship, Jesus said, it’s not in any physical location but in the spirit realm. Hence the need for the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened (Ephesians 1:17). One way to exercise your spiritual ability to see is to meditate. To imagine. Let your imagination be active when studying the word of God. Picture Jesus walking on water and the fishes following him underneath. Perhaps this was why they were happy to pay their tithe or tax when Jesus needed it (lol). Spend time to meditate, Welton says to Meditate on the word of God, the names of God (how God revealed himself to various people – Rapha, Nissi, etc.), the works of God (miracles, testimonies of God’s work), and prophetic words spoken over you.

Lastly, in Port Harcourt, we do all day prayers, rather than all nights so you enjoy your sleep without stressing yourself. I and some friends look forward to doing a tour from Lagos to Freetown (road trip). We would listen to messages on the road, praying in other tongues, and exercising our spiritual gifts. We also hope to look out for business opportunities in each country we step foot on, while encouraging local churches. We sure would make time to party and try as much food as we can.

In all, love God and walk in heaven regularly. Heyy, you don’t have to die to experience heaven now.


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