You would always get results from the time you put in communing with the Holy Spirit, the Fruits of Intimacy would always be seen but nobody gets to see the actual process of intimacy

The moment Seun Shobo uttered these words something inside of me snapped. It wasn’t like I wasn’t aware of this fact but the manner in which it was spoken ignited a spark. It was like a flash of lightning had illuminated my mind.

It made me realise that fellowship in itself was a lifestyle in which once you consciously immerse yourself in, it automatically causes you to shine brightly and stand out wherever you find yourself. It is not something that is forced nor something that can be faked. You would not need to show off with how intimate you are with the Holy Spirit, the results, the fruits would always speak for itself.

What do you do in your private time with God? Your spirit should always be engaged with the Holy Spirit at all times. In order to access life abundantly, you must constantly be in the place of intimacy.

He encouraged us to dig deeper and opened our eyes to see that there is so much more in God. He shared countless mind-blowing testimonies that had taken place in his life based on intimacy, instructions and obedience. He described how he had been given access to top organizations, given keys, ideas and solutions in his area of influence due to constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

He highlighted on the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, explaining that there is nothing that we cannot achieve as long as we are in tune with Him. He emphasised on the necessity of our relationship not being a routine but a lifestyle, our default mode.

Beyond our spiritual lives, he made us understand that God is also interested in being a part of our careers, families and everything that concerns us. He desires that we draw closer to him, inviting Him into every aspect of our lives.

He took us into the book of John 14 explaining that many of us have not yet come into the understanding that we are not alone because God has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit to be our guide, to comfort us when things get tough and to help us at all times.

It made me realise many of us have not yet attained our fullest potential simply because we have not acknowledged the Holy spirit for who He is to us; our Guidance and our Helper. It became an eye opener that intimacy with the Father is the only way we can fulfil destiny. That is where he reveals hidden secrets, strategies and solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

There’s no better time than now to dig deeper, draw nearer, ask questions and come into a place of intimacy, communion and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. It is the best place to be.


“There is no instruction that God hasn’t given you the power to go through. God’s Instructions are NOT hard, they bring Strength. There is wisdom in every instruction”

Adesewa Ighodaro delved into the aspect of on Instructions and Obedience. She also took us on a journey on the concept of instructions.

“Instructions are important but obeying these instructions are more important. There is a secret instruction for every man’s life. Your secret instruction is your place of consecration.”

Again I knew a little about instructions, but I did not understand the extent to which obeying these instructions shaped our lives and destinies. While she spoke, I was able to realise that when God gives us an Instruction, it is for a purpose and our obedience plays a key role in it.

Still emphasising on the power of instructions, Adesewa took us through the book of 1 kings 13 : 1-24, bringing to life the story of the man of God from Judah whom God had given specific instructions; to deliver a message to King Jeroboam, to not eat bread or drink water and lastly to not follow the same route he came through on his way back to Judah.

According to the Bible as this man of God went on his way, another old Prophet in Bethel who had heard about the exploits of this man of God decided to run after him so he could invite him to his home to eat. The man of God rejected his offer and explained that God had instructed him to not eat anything.

The old prophet in turn responded by saying he is also a Prophet and that an Angel of the Lord had appeared to him to bring the man of God into his home so he can eat and drink but of course this was a blatant lie.

Interestingly, the man of God returned back with the old prophet to his home and the bible says that after the man of God had eaten and drank, the spirit of God came upon this same old prophet saying; You disobeyed God’s command; you didn’t keep the strict orders your God gave you; you came back and sat down to a good meal in the very place God told you, ‘Don’t eat a crumb; don’t drink a drop.’ For that you’re going to die far from home and not be buried in your ancestral tomb.”

As the man of God went on his way back to Judah, a lion met him and killed him.

“The enemy thrives on our weakness and our areas of need and want.  It is not every word that is for you and not every word that is from God.”

This was very clear in this story. Adesewa highlighted that this man of God had received specific instructions from God but ignored them simply because another older prophet had lied to him. She painted the possibility that the man of God may have been fasting and was probably hungry after delivering the message to the king.

Initially, he refused to eat when the king offered him food at the palace but he seemed to have lost every sense of discernment when an older prophet came into the picture. The prophet had brought in a shady instruction supposedly given to him by an angel but this instruction was contrary to what God had told the man of God.

She further went on to add that he seemed to have forgotten the difference in ranks between a word from an angel and a word from God Almighty.

Adesewa then emphasised on the importance of walking with the Spirit of God at all times, constantly being in tune and asking the Holy Spirit before we make any decisions, make any moves and even before we receive gifts from anyone. Yes! It’s that serious! She stressed on the fact that not every gift given to us is from God no matter how perfect the gift seems to be. She made it clear to us that it is extremely important that we make no move without God having a say.

As she spoke, I began to look back to the instructions I had received in the past but based on fear I had ignored. Again the scales of ignorance had fallen off my eyes. I realised there and then that when God gives us instructions, they are not to be played with or handled carelessly. Those instructions are always for a higher purpose.

“If you are not sure, don’t move! Nobody can tell you the Father’s heart except the Holy Spirit. Ask Him questions, you are not bothering Him.”

She explained further that we all have different dealings and the manner in which God operates with me is totally different from the way he operates with another person. And so what works for me will most likely not work for others. Yes! we are all running the same race but our responsibilities, mission and God given purposes are all different.

As she concluded her teaching, she took us into a round of significant and intense prayers;

  1. Father deliver the secret instruction for my life
  2. I separate myself from destiny wasters, people who seem to have a say over my destiny and tongue wagglers who are in high authorities.
  3. Separate me from familiar people, enemies posing as friends at work and in every phase of my life.
  4. I put an end to evil patterns, I detach myself from powers chasing after my destiny.
  5. I recover everything that I have lost through dreams, negative words, carelessness and wrong relationships
  6. Today I declare that I am moving forward, I embrace my destiny/calling in God.
  7. Today I receive the help of God to overcome every struggle. No more struggle. Everything I set out to do, I do effortlessly and with ease.
  8. I receive dreams and visions of  purpose that will cause me to manifest glory
  9. God help me break habits that cause distractions and wear upon me a discerning spirit.

In this meeting, we did not only get answers to questions that had been laying in our hearts, we also received answers to questions we didn’t even know existed in our hearts but resonated deeply inside of us.

Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro and Seun Shobo took us on a journey into the core of God’s heart and his desires for his children. Our eyes were opened to see the necessity and importance of Intimacy and Fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Not only were the scales of ignorance removed but we received an in-depth revelation on the concept of Fellowship and Instructions.

Shared By Tobiloba Adeboye-Joshua


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