I used to think I was a strange human being – not easily attached to things, or rarely show how I feel about anything at all – until I realised that although we are humans, created to have a will and emotion, entangling our emotions with our walk with God can expose us to great danger.

How do I mean?

Say, for example, you receive an instruction from God to disengage a certain relationship with someone, but you feel that these person (people) would see you as an ingrate or snitch, and by that reason you choose not to severe the relationship, you would most definitely be faced with the consequences.

It is true that these people may have added great value to your life and you, in some type of way think that you owe them your loyalty, you would still be acting in error if you disregard God’s instruction concerning it because just may be your actual obedience to that instruction is purposed to navigate you through the next phase of your life.

Meanwhile, also note, that if this citation is peculiar to where you are right now in your life, and you don’t know how to go about it, ask God for the wisdom to do it without an iota of pride in you. And although your action would raise reactions and responses, you must be ready to take it all on as the Spirit of God helps you.

As humans, God has created us to be rational, emotional creatures. We have the tendencies to feel happy, sad, rejected, love and loved. However, as Christians, we sometimes struggle with integrating emotion into our spiritual lives and end up falling victim to dangerous tendencies. Have you imagined if Abraham was emotional about raising an altar of sacrifice to God with His son? Have you even thought that that singular act would have negatively influenced the covenant that eventually came out of his act of obedience.

Being an emotional Christian is when you create and have attachments to the things that affect your life. It is when we allow our feelings to interpret our circumstances and form our thoughts about God and our relationship with Him. Emotional Christianity is putting feelings before faith. 

Joe Thorne in a 2017 publication said “Our feelings and emotions must be governed and guided by truth. That our walk with God should should not only inform us, but also warm and stir our hearts. And if it doesn’t, then we have missed the connection that God’s revelation is designed to make between head and heart.”

What’s that decision you have been struggling to take, that instruction you are yet to obey, or that conversation you are due to have had? Every of our walk in this Faith journey is governed by times and seasons, and requires that you act in that sphere.

Emotional experiences is not all that there is to Christianity, complete obedience is, and also proves our true love for God. Where do you stand?


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