A 2015 research showed that more than half of the world billionaires have been identified as Christians but according to my research the world does not celebrate the Christian in you, what they celebrate is what you are able to bring to the table. This is so much a hidden truth than fact. The more of what you see is a segregation between chritian and career, but guess what –  you can be a Christian with a successful career.

There is so much problem in the world today, and if all you can deliver is a 59 seconds speech on how ‘Christian’ you are, my friend, nobody would listen. We all have a duty to the world, and it is to be a solution – whatever that means to you. Because you see, whether you chose to agree or not, the world has tagged Christianity to be synonymous with laziness, especially because of the crux of people who have preached that you must only have faith to make it, when you need a blend of both, faith and work. Please remind me what James 2:17 reads again.

Ha Ha! I know I have turned you off with my claim but give me a second again so I can show you a list of world’s successful entrepreneurs and business moguls who don’t have the ‘Christian’ title you hang on to so dearly. Everytime you insert into the search engine their names, wiki will tell you, ‘this person is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist’.

Folorunsho Alakija

Alakija started out her professional career in the mid-70s as a secretary at the now defunct International Merchant Bank of Nigeria, one of the country’s earliest investment banks. In the early 80s, Alakija quit her job and went on to study Fashion design in England, returning to Nigeria shortly afterwards to start Supreme Stitches, a premium Nigerian fashion label which catered exclusively to upscale clientele.

The business thrived, and Alakija quickly made a tidy fortune selling high-end Nigerian clothing to fashionable wives of military bigwigs and society women.

In May 1993 Alakija applied for an allocation of an Oil Prospecting License (OPL). The license to explore for oil on a 617,000 acre block – (now referred to as OPL 216) was granted to Alakija’s company, Famfa Limited. The block is located approximately 220 miles South East of Lagos and 70 miles offshore Nigeria in the central Niger Delta.

She recently launched a women mentorship platform, Flourish Africa, to inspire and empower young women game changers in the society.

Strive Misiyiwa

What amazes me about Misiyiwa is that since 1990, he has been labelled the richest man in Zimbabwe. Hellooo! He is a Christian but nobody tags him as that. Strive Masiyiwa is a Zimbabwean born businessman who founded Econet Wireless, South African based Econet Wireless is now a global telecommunications group with operations, investments and offices in more than 15 countries. A born again Christian, Strive Masiyiwa was quoted as saying that he reads his bible for at least 4 hours a day – if he’s busy! He tithes 10% of his annual income to his church. Together with his wife, he personally pays the school fees for over 22,000 Zimbabwean orphans.

According to reports, he now has an estimated net worth of US$829 million. Be like Strive!!! Work Hard Peeps!

John D Rockefeller Sr.

He was the founder of the Standard Oil Company, which dominated the oil industry. Rockefeller revolutionised the petroleum industry and set the standard for modern philanthropy.

He was a devout Christian who taught in Sunday school and supported many church-based projects throughout his life. Rockefeller was quoted as saying “God gave me money”, and he did not apologise for it. He followed John Wesley’s principle of “gain all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.”

From his very first paycheck, Rockefeller tithed ten percent of his earnings to his church. As Rockefeller’s wealth grew, his giving also increased, with most of his giving going towards educational and public health causes, as well as basic science and the art.

He became the world’s richest man and the first American worth more than a billion dollars. After taking into account inflation, he is often regarded as being the richest person in modern history.

Tom Monaghan

You will just be eating Pizza upandan. Have you ever tried to order a christian pizza? See, I am not trying to underplay the efficacy of Christianity but the more we are silent about the truth of the world’s expectation of Christians bring more human solutions to the table, the better for us. Tom Monaghan a devote Roman Catholic, founded Domino’s Pizza in 1960 and after selling the company in 1998, dedicated his time, talent and several hundreds of millions of dollars to Catholic causes, including the pro-life movement and the founding of Ave Maria University. You can read more about him HERE.

S. Truett Cathy

Mr. Cathy owns a business that recently began skipping operations on Sundays – to keep the Sabbath day holy. Now that’s one sure way to know he is Christian. Asides that, he is the CEO of the second largest fried chicken chain in America, with KFC being the largest.

Tyler Perry

Perry is a sell out. With his kind of movies, you can easily tell he is Christian, however, his hardwork shows in the quality and consistency of movies he produces. Within a few years, Tyler Perry went from being homeless to selling out theatres. Tyler Perry is an outspoken Christian who credits his success to God. In 2006, he established Tyler Perry Studios and in 2008 it moved to its current location – a 200,000 square foot studio facility situated in Southwest Atlanta, US.

There are so many other out there. Although I did not plan on convincing you, I hope you see now, that beyond your faith, there is a need to work. It is in your work that you enforce the character of Christianity. In this you would find the return of success.

My advice to you: Get Up & GO!!!!!!


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