My thoughts can’t help but tilt towards the un-rhythmic scales on which Job’s life ran. I think on how he was on His own ‘jejely‘ and a conversation was going on about him in the heavenlies. I can try to play a brief catch up here for you.

So, one day, a conversation ensued after the angels of God went to present themselves to God and Satan followed them (imagine the audacity, but that’s topic for another day + can you see how God actually doesn’t mind who approaches HIM also..hmmm).

God started the conversation by asking Satan if out of all his many targets he had considered ever stealing a look at Job. I’ll like to assume that Satan had bragged on his schemes, strategies and mirage victories over the children of God on the earth. God must have looked at him and questioned his self-filled failure, one he assumed was a success. Kind of reminds me about when God told Elijah that He had preserved for Himself prophets who had not bowed to other gods. God aroused Satan’s empty ego. You ask me why? Nothing else but to let him see he has nothing on Victories! Ha Ha! I hope you caught that rhema right there, Baby!!!

Reading through Bible stories, I am filled with the knowledge of God glorying in Himself through His creations. And that exactly is what brought me to the point of writing. To remind you (because I want to believe that you know already) that one of the ways we bring Glory to God is when He can for sure Beat-His-Chest (BRAG) on our integrity in our service/walk to/with Him. 

Yea, there’s so much going on with you at this time. It seems like no one really understands the extent to which you’re broke. Nobody cares to offer you attention just so you can ask them for that favour. You feel hidden and unseen. Your friends are getting hooked, but for you, the fishing line is so far. You feel like you’re not where your mates are (please, where exactly are they?) or you just feel really tired of this life – for something or nothing, which is not weird in itself. 

My question to you, is, in the midst of it ALL, can you still keep your praise on?

Can your heart still sing sweet melodies to the Only One preserver of life and destiny.

Can you let yourself be led through to the streams of Joy that gladdens the heart of God?

Can you be deliberate about your thoughts towards God just as His is towards you?

Can you look through your season as one that is seasoning to your next phase? Can you still trust God? 

I really hope that you can! ‘Cause God’s strength is made available, and plays perfect in your own weaknesses.


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