Have you ever asked a Pastor if he has people praying for him? On the average, you would find them tell you their spouses are their intercessors, or their colleagues in ministry or maybe one person in their congregation who likes them tells them they are praying for them. The truth is, more than ever, our Pastors, Ministry leaders and Marketplace Ministers need intercession. The influence of the prince of the world over the earth is not getting any weaker, and if we would lead a successful life, we must put in place, or choose to stand in the gap for those who are called to lead us in our different spheres of life.

Leadership exposes one to the public and especially positions one for all kinds of attacks from the enemy. As much as it is a position of service, it would do no good if the people to whom they have been called to serve don’t assume a consistent posture of prayer that shields them from the fiery darts of the wicked.

You ask, but are Pastors not the ones who are meant to pray for their flocks? You are right, but you must also remember that leaders are humans, just like you. They have a will, emotion and variety of needs. They need prayers the same way you need prayers because:

  • They have more responsibility and accountability
  • They are more subject to temptation because of the level of exposure the work demands from them.
  • The higher they go in leadership, the higher they go on Satan’s hit list
  • They are often targets of warfare because of their roles as intercessors to their members
  • They have more influence over others. They’ll meet more people, be in high-level gatherings that could affect their decisions and demeanor
  • They have more visibility

Pastors and other Christian leaders are needy people. However, they are God’s chosen ones to move the Kingdom forward. They can be all that God wants them to be if you would faithfully and intelligently arise and stand in the gap for them.

Take a moment to pray for your pastor and Christian leaders today.


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