Nobody is really a devotional person unless they make time for it. When you understand that God desires to be intimate with His children, you’ll cherish the idea of having devotional times. This is how we service our relationship with fellow humans, we keep the connection intact.

So, if you’re just starting out or are looking for ways to quit the boring style of devotional times you have, this 6 tips, would help you:

1. Know your target times: not everyone is a morning person. So, you need to identify what time of the day works best for you to sit down, and focus on things without external distractions.

2. Start with worshipping God with your heart: one of the mistakes many people make is to sing random #Christian songs. Of course it would become boring because your heart is not in it. Hence, consciously choose your songs/words of adoration. Say/sing what you mean. You connect better that way. It’s about your heart, not your lips or vocal dexterity. 

3. Set Your Time Frame: sometimes you may go beyond your normal time but it is good to have a time limit. Not less than 15mins. Also make sure the set time doesn’t eat into other activities of the day(if you’re the morning type). 4. Have your bible, bible reading #plan and journal: your devotional time is a time to speak to God as well as hear from HIM. He would speak to you through His word. As He does, note words that specifically speaks to your heart or need at the time in your journal. Writing is not just recording, it helps you recall your conversations with God as you go during the day.

5. Pray God’s Words Back to HIM: another reason you journal is so that you don’t blab when you’re praying. The written words help you recognize God’s mind so that you can #pray according to God’s will. After which, you may set your requests before God.

6. Don’t always be in a hurry: Working within your time frame, know how long you’ll use for each moment. This is so that you can spend some time to soak in and let #God breathe on your mind with His inspired words by The Holy Spirit. 


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