MAGNIGERIA Is A Community Of Fun-Loving Christians Who Are Passionate About Becoming Relevant In Today’s World Without Cheating On Their Heavenly Identity

At MAGNIGERIA, We love God so much. That is why we are here. However, we also love you. You are the main reason we started this community of lifestyle resources.

We believe that God has given us a mandate that transcends through the religious culture. As a result, we curate resources that affect every aspect of the human life and blend it side by side with the plan and purpose of God.

As you scheme through, you will find resources on relationships, business, and sometimes national issues, because we are called to the nations. In all of these features, we speak with one voice – The Voice Of The Kingdom Of Heaven.

There is always a word in season and you will find them in the PROPHECIES segment. We believe that as you go through each title and article, your heart will be tuned in to God’s specific word for you.

The Vision

To Raise A Community Of Well-Rounded and Whole Living Christians

The Mission

We would raise a community of well-rounded and whole-living Christians by:

  • Consistent curation of lifestyle content
  • Bringing bible story examples to the modern age
  • Lavishly making use of technology to spread the good news
  • Making use of easy-to-understand language
  • Organizing events that reveal the possibilities of practical christian living and enable you to meet with kindred spirits, form fire-brand friendships as well as purposeful partnerships

Our Strategy

  • Easy-to-understand Language
  • Practicality
  • Results